Loong time no write. Sorry

Readers!! I'm not giving up to write this blog at all. Just I don't have much time....
Sorry. But I'll keep writing even if it's going to be once in a while.

2 big news I brought to here.

I just started a project named "Feast on Friday".
Feast on Friday is a goth tableware line's name
and also goth kitchen project itself.

Basically this is my tableware line project.
Why I start this project is just wanted nice spooky goth tablewares.

But this is also goth kitchen project name.
I and you well known about Goth is not just fashion style. And we are not gonna cook spooky meals only on Halloween. Because every day is like Halloween for us.
I wanted to see nice meals and sweets made by goths who's like cook special feast on every Friday the 13th. And share it via Facebook page.

So I'd love to see your special spooky cute cooking:)
If you want share your cooking photo with Feast on Friday Facebook page. Massage to the page with the photo :)


and also just started Twitter. Follow me :)


I'm working as an illustrator and an artist. From June 28 to July 24 I'm going to do my exhibition in a cafe in Osaka. Then, I'm gonna sell spooky sweets as special menus of the cafe :)
If you live in Osaka or visit Osaka while the exhibition come and eat :)


Bat Pancakes

Bat pancakes.
Too easy.
You might think everybody can get this idea easily because it's too simple and easy. Yes. But look. It's really cute! and really easy!
I don't think Goths who have bat shaped cookie cutter are few. But I think Goths who have bat shaped cookie cutter for just making cookies are so many.
The cutter is very useful tool for goth cooking actually.

Thank you so much for reading this blogs!!!
Now I have almost 50 readers! I really really glad this fact!! Thank you!! And sorry I just can write once in a while. But I'll keep running:)


Fly! Batty Fly! Cherry Pie

 This cherry pie's idea is not easier than I think and failed to make after all. So, this time I don't write "how to make". But I learned how pie goes like so I guess next time I can make nice pie instead:)

Well, the idea was to cut pie crust bat shape a lot like flying bats on the pie. But to cut bat shape was easy but to put it on the pie filling was too difficult. It might be something different way to do it well. I'm not sure.

And also this time I made a dish, too. It's not made form clay thing and I just drew the picture though. This creation made successful to make.


Dracula Brownie

Dracula Brownie

 Dracula, vampires, blood suckers, etc etc. I think all there like them. One of GOTH icons is definitely them. True. 

 I cannot say it's easy to make this Dracula Brownie is. Because I failed some times while making this brownie. So I put introduction how to make this below but I don't think you can make it 100% sure. Sorry.
 And actually it's unnecessary for using brownie. I just had a brownie mix so I used it. You can make it with pound cake, sponge cake, fruit cake or some kind of baked cake instead.

Simple introduction:

You need:

1 Square large brownie or some kind of baked cake
Silk screen pattern of Dracula
White royal icing
Black food coloring
Black icing
Red food coloring

How to make:

Step 1:
Cut the brownie shape coffin has flat top. 

Step 2:
Spread white royal icing over the top of the brownie and dry it.

Step 3:
Set silk screen pattern of Dracula on the brownie and print Dracula with black liquid food coloring.
I failed this step a lot (almost steps I failed were to make silk screen pattern though.) . To make silk screen pattern is not easy. So I think you can use stencil (Draw Dracula illustration on thin plastic sheet and cut the black area by paper cutter.) Whichever you use silk screen pattern or stencil pattern there are some lacked or too much ink points. So use brush and black food coloring fill the lacked points and use tissue paper or something wipe it softly off the too much points.

Step 4:
Use a brush paint around the Dracula red by red food coloring then dry it.

Step 5:
While dry the red area (step 4) cover the sides and edge of the coffin with black icing.

Step 6:
After dried red area draw wrinkles by black food coloring with brush or use black food coloring pen.

Step 7:
Take pictures, eat it soon or make it a present for some friends or lover. It's up to you.


KISS custard puddings

 KISS custard puddings!
 I made 2 sweets for today, Rock day. One is Nirvana custard pudding and another one is this, KISS custard pudding. I think KISS is most easy to draw rock icon.

 How to make is exactly the same as Nirvana custard pudding.

 At first, you need custard pudding and eatable black ink pen (Pen that I have is FOODooler, Food coloring marker made in USA)
 [PLUS: KISS photo if you need.]

 1: Make some custard pudding in round cups. If you have no time to make custard puddings go to food store and get it.
 2: Draw faces of KISS with the pen. If you don't have the pen you can use icing or chocolate instead I think.

 I'm sure that you can have more fun time if you listen to KISS while you make this custard puddings.

Nirvana custard pudding

 This is not spooky, creepy or even Goth. But I think some of you, my blog readers, loves rock. And I do.
 Today, June 9th is Rock day in Japan. It's like Star Wars day, May 4th (that is why "May the 4th be with you).

 So I made Nirvana flan for Rock day.

 This is super easy to make.

 At first, you need custard pudding and eatable black ink pen (Pen that I have is FOODooler, Food coloring marker made in USA)

 1: Make some custard pudding in round cups. If you have no time to make custard puddings go to food store and get it.
 2: Draw Nirvana smily with the pen. If you don't have the pen you can use icing or chocolate instead I think.

 That's all. :)


Eye Ball Cookies

Eyeball Cookies

This cute cookies made all my friends fun and happy.
And if you made this cookie please try put these on your around eye like this illustration. You can become like Sponge Bob or something like cartoon characters.

Easy introduction
1: Bake round shape cookies
2: Use soft white icing cover the upside
3: Before dry the white icing draw pupil and eye outline by harder black icing
4: dry it
5: On some small dishes drip a prop blue or green or color you want make and red food coloring each
6: Drip a drop tiny little water drop beside the food coloring and use thin brush mix and make the right color
7: Paint eye place with the color and dry it
8: Draw iris. Draw short stroke line from center to outside in all directions.
9: Draw several blood vessel by red
10: Dry it and done!

Ah, please use washed clean new brush.