Eye Ball Cookies

Eyeball Cookies

This cute cookies made all my friends fun and happy.
And if you made this cookie please try put these on your around eye like this illustration. You can become like Sponge Bob or something like cartoon characters.

Easy introduction
1: Bake round shape cookies
2: Use soft white icing cover the upside
3: Before dry the white icing draw pupil and eye outline by harder black icing
4: dry it
5: On some small dishes drip a prop blue or green or color you want make and red food coloring each
6: Drip a drop tiny little water drop beside the food coloring and use thin brush mix and make the right color
7: Paint eye place with the color and dry it
8: Draw iris. Draw short stroke line from center to outside in all directions.
9: Draw several blood vessel by red
10: Dry it and done!

Ah, please use washed clean new brush.


  1. Ahhhhhh eyeball cookies! Eyeballs, eyeballs everywhere! I must try them <3

    1. I'm really glad you like it!!:) You must make it and scream!:)

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    1. Wow!!! Thank you so much!! That's wicked!:) Thank you!

    2. O_O wooo ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM hi from Spain

  3. :D I HAVE to try these

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