Loong time no write. Sorry

Readers!! I'm not giving up to write this blog at all. Just I don't have much time....
Sorry. But I'll keep writing even if it's going to be once in a while.

2 big news I brought to here.

I just started a project named "Feast on Friday".
Feast on Friday is a goth tableware line's name
and also goth kitchen project itself.

Basically this is my tableware line project.
Why I start this project is just wanted nice spooky goth tablewares.

But this is also goth kitchen project name.
I and you well known about Goth is not just fashion style. And we are not gonna cook spooky meals only on Halloween. Because every day is like Halloween for us.
I wanted to see nice meals and sweets made by goths who's like cook special feast on every Friday the 13th. And share it via Facebook page.

So I'd love to see your special spooky cute cooking:)
If you want share your cooking photo with Feast on Friday Facebook page. Massage to the page with the photo :)


and also just started Twitter. Follow me :)


I'm working as an illustrator and an artist. From June 28 to July 24 I'm going to do my exhibition in a cafe in Osaka. Then, I'm gonna sell spooky sweets as special menus of the cafe :)
If you live in Osaka or visit Osaka while the exhibition come and eat :)

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