KISS custard puddings

 KISS custard puddings!
 I made 2 sweets for today, Rock day. One is Nirvana custard pudding and another one is this, KISS custard pudding. I think KISS is most easy to draw rock icon.

 How to make is exactly the same as Nirvana custard pudding.

 At first, you need custard pudding and eatable black ink pen (Pen that I have is FOODooler, Food coloring marker made in USA)
 [PLUS: KISS photo if you need.]

 1: Make some custard pudding in round cups. If you have no time to make custard puddings go to food store and get it.
 2: Draw faces of KISS with the pen. If you don't have the pen you can use icing or chocolate instead I think.

 I'm sure that you can have more fun time if you listen to KISS while you make this custard puddings.