Nirvana custard pudding

 This is not spooky, creepy or even Goth. But I think some of you, my blog readers, loves rock. And I do.
 Today, June 9th is Rock day in Japan. It's like Star Wars day, May 4th (that is why "May the 4th be with you).

 So I made Nirvana flan for Rock day.

 This is super easy to make.

 At first, you need custard pudding and eatable black ink pen (Pen that I have is FOODooler, Food coloring marker made in USA)

 1: Make some custard pudding in round cups. If you have no time to make custard puddings go to food store and get it.
 2: Draw Nirvana smily with the pen. If you don't have the pen you can use icing or chocolate instead I think.

 That's all. :)

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