Bat Cookies

Bat Cookies

An animal flies night sky.

Mad hatter says "Twinkle twinkle little bat. How I wonder what you at."

How I made this:
1: make black cookie paste
2: cute shape bat
3: bake it
4: Done.

Cheshire Cat Cookies

Cheshire Cat Cookies

I love Alice in Wonderland. Do you?
This is the cookie of the cat in the story.

How I made this:
1: Make pink and black cookie pastes
2: pile it each pink black pink black...
3: make shape square
4: freeze it
5: slice it
6: cute it to shape cat
7: bake it


Brain Pudding no.2

Another brain pudding.
Black one.

Use black food coloring.


Brain Pudding

If you were a zombie you must love brains. This brain is for mortals like us. Sweet and taste good looks so brain.

I find brain mold for making brain ice at  a shop and soon hit an idea making brain pudding to my head. So I did.
As I imagined it, brain pudding was the stuff make me scream EWW. lol.

How I made:
1: Make custard pudding. Mix a bit red food coloring into the liquid until the color become right color.
2: Pour the liquid to brain mold
3: Chill it
4: Make syrup mixed honey and red food coloring
5: Pop out the brain pudding on a dish
6: Drop the syrup over the brain
7: Done! (Say Ewww. lol.)


Milk Tea

This drawing is older one. So sorry for the Japanese. I think you can't understand it at all.

This is how to make milk tea. Easy one.

Simple explain:
1. Put water and milk in the small pan and boil it.
2. When it come to the boil stop heating and add tea bags at least 2. Then if you like ginger or cinnamon or cardamon or so on, add it.
3. Cover the lid on the pan and be blew it.
4. Done! Sugar, honey whatever you like add to it if you like.

The boy looks like Pinocchio is Jukka who's Norwagian troll lives in my room. He's cute, isn't he?

Skull Cookie 1

Skull cookie number1. It doesn't mean best or something. I think I'll make many kinda skull cookies so put number on it.

The scene
I inspired by the scene of Billy and Mandy the cartoon of Cartoon Network channel.It was so cute.
Simple explain how I made:
1. Make cocoa cookies that shape skull.
2. Bake it
3. Draw white area of the skull with red icing liquid
4. Done! 

I couldn't use icing liquid very well but I could make looks like skulls.