Union Jack Cookies

Union Jack Cookies

I'm a biggest fan of the design of Union Jack. So cute. So cool.
You know Union Jack has red blue and white color in the flag but to make it realistic is verrry difficult so I made it black and red. Why black? I didn't have blue food coloring at the time. lol. That's why.

How I made this:
1: Shape red cookie paste square
2: freeze it
3: cut shape like the sign of ambulance or Rd Hot Chili Peppers. lol. I don't know how to say.
4: fill the blank with black cookie paste and shape it square
5: freeze it again
6: slice it
7: bake it
8: Done!!

And I made black and red marble cookies with the rest of the pastes.

To make Union Jack was not easy but it became looks cute, huh?

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