Brain Soda

Brain Soda

 Bloody fizzing brain soda.

 My first idea was floated brain soda. But in real, the brain I made was too heavy to float. And I think actually real brain also be the same thing.
 And one more thing turns out as I made this soda. When the soda color red everything looks red inside so no matter what color brain you make when the brain sank the soda it becomes red. It was not easy to take picture of this.
 But my friends loves this soda best. :) You?

Easy introduction:
1: Make a pink dough that's made by the powder based on rice cake with red food coloring. ( I don't know how to explain this. There's powder for making kinda rice cakes in Japan. Milled special rice powder.)
2: With the dough, make brain. Small brain or can't put it in the glass.
3: Pour clear soda like 7up to a glass and add red food coloring.
4: Sink the brain into the red soda.
5: Done


  1. Your blog is just wonderful!! I love the recipes! We will throw a horryfying Halloween-party for our children and their friends this autumn, and you give me so much inspiration.

  2. Aw, Thank you for such a wonderful comment!! :) It's my pleasure!
    Wish you throw a wicked party!!